11/6/2019 9:18:00 AM

On Tuesday, 5th November, 2019 Trust Bank Ltd donated items worth over D200, 000.00 to Tanka Tanka Psychiatric Hospital.

The donation was part of the celebration of the Bank’s 22nd anniversary since the incorporation of the bank in 1997. 

In presenting the items, Mr Ibrahima Salla, Managing Director of Trust Bank Ltd expressed warm gratitude towards the management of Tanka Tanka Psychiatric Hospital for giving Trust Bank the opportunity to contribute yet again to make a difference in the lives of the vulnerable in our society.

Mr Salla added that “In view of our status as a proudly Gambian Bank, Trust Bank has always seen events like this as having far-reaching objectives and all of them linked to our Corporate Social Responsibility objective of bringing hope where there is despair.   

Our Corporate Social Responsibility program is grounded on the principles of sharing and caring, and we believe this donation is a great way to give back to our communities. We are also aware and appreciate that our customers from all corners of the Gambia, and even ourselves as employees of Trust Bank together with our family members might at some point, directly or indirectly benefit from the health services offered by Tanka Tanka Psychiatric Hospital. 

Mental illness is one of the most critical health problems. It affect more people, require more prolonged treatment, cause more suffering to the families of the afflicted, waste more of our human resources, and constitute more financial drain upon both public and personal family finances. 

Distinguished Ladies and gentleman, please allow me to remind ourselves that the presentation today, is just a continuation of the work that Trust Bank has been doing for this hospital.  It does not only include consumable items, but the love and generosity of the Trust Bank family to the residents of Tanka Tanka.

It is a continuation of a journey which started several of years ago with the strategic objective of complimenting governments’ efforts of transforming the lives of more people with mental health problems in this country. 

To achieve this, we need to drive a fundamental culture shift in our society; a culture that have long neglected the mentally ill in our society. This neglect must end, if our nation is to live up to its own standards of compassion and dignity and achieve the maximum use of its manpower”.

Mr. Salla noted that mental health service delivery all over the world and the Gambia in particular is still a far cry from being satisfactory compared to physical health. In spite of all the challenges, we have achieved a lot together as Gambians.

“We at Trust Bank are immensely proud to celebrate our 22nd anniversary with patients’ and staffs here whilst we also acknowledge, through a donation, the role that the Tanka Tanka Psychiatric Hospital plays in the lives of many Gambians across the country.

As the Managing Director of Trust Bank, I look forward to continuing this relationship which has started years ago and I look forward to visiting the hospital once again”.

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