11/18/2019 11:29:00 AM

On the 14th November 2019, Trust Bank Ltd donated medial items worth over D300, 000.00 to the dialysis unit of Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital (EFSTH) which provides dialysis treatment to patients living with kidney problems.

Presenting the items, the Managing Director of the Bank- Mr Ibrahima Salla extolled the good service that the Dialysis Unit is rendering to people living with kidney problems and also expressed gratitude towards the management of Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital for giving Trust Bank the opportunity to contribute yet again to make a difference in the lives of the vulnerable in our society.    EFSTH1_2019

Mr Salla said;

“I am excited to meet the staffs of the Hospital and especially those who run the dialysis unit for the first time and I must say that you are a longtime friend of Trust Bank LTD. Thank you Dr. Roberts for making this day a success.

This donation today includes protamine Sulphate, Erythropoietin injection and Heparin injection among other things which are significant in the daily operation of the dialysis unit. The donation does not only include medical supplies and consumables but it also includes the love and appreciation of the Trust Bank family to the patients and staff of the dialysis unit. Indeed we have benefitted from your services. EFSTH2_2019

Distinguished Ladies and gentleman, please allow me to remind ourselves that the presentation today, is a continuation of the work that Trust Bank has been doing in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare to support Government in providing quality health care service for the Gambian people.

It is our objective to compliment Government’s effort in ensuring that no patient should die due to lack of dialysis treatment; that organ donation is no more a taboo and that quality health care services will be accessible to all Gambians. EFSTH3_2019

As the Managing Director of Trust Bank, I have recently lost a member of staff who used to come to this very facility thrice weekly for dialysis treatment. We all know how difficult such a condition can be to the patient and the people around them. It is against this backdrop that Trust Bank decided to engage with the Dialysis Unit to offer a token of assistance with a view to impacting on the treatment of the patients.

Imagine living with a medical condition in which your kidneys are not working well enough to keep you alive with no guarantees about when you’ll actually get the help you need. Or being too scared to tell your family, friends and your employers about what’s happening because you are worried about how they might react. This is exactly what the patients of this unit are facing now and their treatment options are limited to dialysis treatments or kidney transplants. EFSTH4_2019

Ladies and gentlemen, dialysis treatment is just a life-sustaining treatment. I think we as a nation should start to focus our energies on creating awareness and encourage the practice of organ donation. We must come together to ensure that the most appropriate infrastructure is in place to support organ donation and transplantation.

We must strive to reach a point where organ donation will become achievable when opportunities arise. To achieve this, we need to drive a fundamental shift in our case management. EFSTH5_2019

We need to encourage the general public to share their views on organ donations especially at family level. If these issues are discussed in advance by individuals and made clear to their next of kin, it can help to ensure that their wishes for organ donation are realized. 

If we work together and mount a formidable campaign, I am confident that the unit can enhance the care to patients whilst also creating the much needed awareness to mobilize public opinion in favor of organ donation. EFSTH6_2019

Ladies and Gentlemen, this event today is part of our 22nd anniversary celebration. By way of background, Trust Bank Ltd was incorporated in July 1997 and began operations in October the same year. In that light, we are pleased to celebrate Trust Bank LTD’s 22nd anniversary with patients’ and staffs here.

So on behalf of the Board, Management and Staff of Trust Bank Ltd, and in memory of our late staff-Mr Ebrima Frazer, I have the honor to hand over these items to the Management of Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital.” He concluded.

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