New ATM At Kairaba Avenue

New ATM At Kairaba Avenue

4/23/2020 10:03:00 AM

Trust Banl Ltd. commissioned another ATM located at the entrance of Kairaba Police Station on Kairaba Avenue.The new touch screen cash machine provides a superior customer experience and comes with more banking functions. AKAIAV2

Commenting on the occasion, the Managing Director of the Bank, Mr Ibrahima Salla said;

‘The touch screen ATM provides a more intuitive experience for customers who are now used to touch screens on a daily basis.

This is the second time in a span of three weeks that we are commissioning a beautiful and sophisticated ATM outside of our business premises. We have made this strategic choice, so as to enhance convenience of our services by taking banking to peoples doorsteps.  AKAIAV4

What is true for Ecowas Avenue in Banjul is also true of Kairaba Avenue in Kanifing Municipality. And today we stand on the shoulders of those men and women who have worked so hard and created in Kairaba Avenue something truly remarkable – a centre for Banking and financial services in The Gambia.

Whether it is banking services, other financial services or commercial activities, when Gambians want to transact, they want to transact through either Ecowas Avenue or Kairaba Avenue. That is why for the first time in our 23 years history, we have decided to have a presence on Kairaba Avenue. AKAIAV3

Whilst we acknowledge that ATMs cannot be installed everywhere, we are also aware that the impacts of not having access to cash when needed can be unforgivable. These considerations alongside others guided our decision-making to ensure that our actions are directed where there is the greatest need.’ He concluded.

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