Trust Bank Automated Teller Machine (ATM) is an electronic banking outlet, which allows customers to complete basic transactions without the aid of a branch representative or teller. TBL customers with ATM cards can access funds 24 hours nationwide at every Trust Bank ATM’s locations. Our ATM cards are secured and EMV chipcompliance.

Features:                                                     How to apply ?

  • Cash Withdrawal.                                 Simply complete the ATM Application Form and submit it to the nearest branch.
  • Print Mini Statement.                            NOTE:Collection of cards and pins are ONLY available for now in four key locations,
  • Balance Enquiry.                                   Banjul Branch, Westfield Branch, Kololi Branch and Brikam Branch.
  • Change Pin.

        ATM Card is issued for just D200 and a charge of D5 Per withdrawal.

Benefits of ATM Card service to the customer:

  • Enjoy 24 hours access to your cash with our ATM
  • View your last 5 transactions
  • Make Balance Enquiry.
  • Print Mini Statement.
  • Option To change your PIN.

ATM Locations:

  • Bakau Branch
  • Bakoteh Branch
  • Banjul Branch
  • Barra Branch
  • Brikama Branch
  • Brusubi Branch
  • Bundung Branch
  • Kololi Branch
  • Lamin Branch
  • Latrikunda Branch
  • Management Development Institute (MDI)
  • Serrekunda Westfield Branch
  • Serrekunda Market Branch
  • Sinchu Branch
  • Serrekunda Sahokunda


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