Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking

Trust Bank Ltd welcomes you to our MOBILE BANKING Service which is a simple and easy to use, system that offers round the clock stress- free service to our esteemed customers.

To get information from your account no longer requires a phone call, queues or writing a letter; simply use our different mobile banking services to get access to any information of your choice. The two services are USSD service and Mobile App.

Why Mobile Banking?

  • The Mobile banking service is available to the customers all round the clock.
  • It is simple and convenient to use anytime anywhere.
  • It is cheap and affordable and only requires an ordinary mobile phone for SMS and USSD services but Smartphone for Mobile App (Android and iOS).
  • The Mobile banking is built in latest technologies.
  • Services are secured by use of a unique 4 digit pin.
  • The system offers a wide range of banking services.

What can I do with Mobile Banking?

The system offers a number of services as listed below:

  • Balance Enquiry: This will give you both the latest Ledger and the available balances on your account.
  • Account Funds transfers: This option enables you to transfer cash from one account to the other. This is between your accounts.
  • Mini statement: This option returns the latest 5 transactions from your account.
  • Account Statement request: This option will enable you to request for your account statement anytime and just pick it from your branch.
  • Cheque book request: This option will enable you to request for trust bank cheque book and pick it at your convenient time.
  • Stop cheque payment: This option allows you to instruct the bank to stop the payment of a given cheque(s) in case you do not want them to be paid.
  • ATM Card request: Request for ATM Card.
  • Cash Power: Buy Cash Power from  comfort of your home available 24hrs (Coming Soon)
  • Pay Your Bills:  Pay your NAWEC bills from your home without long queues.
  • BBAN of account Number for Interbank transfers.
  • Exchange rates: This gives you the latest currency exchange rates for the five major currencies.
  • Salary Advance:
  • Pin change: This will enable you to change the pin to a new one.
  • Mobile Airtime Top up: You no longer need to rush for scratch cards. Just top up your phone anywhere for any amount.

How do I request for the Mobile banking services?

Simply complete an application form from any of our branches around the country or online, submit for processing and when approved, you will receive a text message with details of your PIN for secure access.


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