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At Trust Bank we take your banking security seriously, and we are doing everything we can to keep your money and information safe. You can also help to protect yourself by knowing what to look out for and staying alert when it comes to potential fraud.
Fraudsters frequently use tactics such as fake phone calls, texts and emails to obtain your information, perhaps claiming to represent Trust Bank. To maintain your personal and financial security, be sure to be on your guard for:
Fake phone calls
A telephone call from someone claiming to represent Trust Bank, intended to:
persuade you into sending your money to another account
handing over cash
requesting your online banking detsils
requesting your confidential personal details
Suspicious emails
These are emails which look like they are from Trust Bank, designed to trick you into providing personal and financial information.
Suspicious text messages.
A text message which looks like it is from Trust Bank designed to trick you into providing personal and financial information by calling a number or clicking a link.
Be wary of unsolicited request for your personal information such as usernames, passwords or bank details.
If a phone call looks suspicious, don’t be afraid to hang up and call us on 4225291 or 4225777/8/9.
If an email looks suspicious, do not click on links or download documents.
If you receive a suspicious text message claiming to be from us, call us on the numbers given to check before acting on it.
Trust Bank will never call you to request your online banking details, reset your PIN, withdraw or transfer money. 

ATM Card

We at Trust Bank are pleased to have introduced our Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) located in 9 of our branches around the Greater Banjul Area. In addition to these we have a 10th ATM Machine strategically located at our Sinchu branch on Coastal Highway. With our ATMs our customers now have 24hours access to their money from a large network.

  • Cash Withdrawal.
  • Print Mini Statement.
  • Balance Enquiry.
  • Change Pin.
How to apply ?
Simply complete the ATM Application Form and submit it to the nearest branch. Once your application form is processed, you will be given a ATM Card and your own Personal Identification Number (PIN) to use for access to your account(s).
Benefits of ATM Card service to the customer:
  • Enjoy 24 hours access to your cash with our ATM
  • View your last 5 transactions
  • Make Balance Enquiry.
  • Request For Cash.
  • Print Mini Statement.
  • Option To change your PIN.
  • Card is issued for free and a charge of D5 Per withdrawal.

ATM Locations:
  • Banjul Branch
  • Serrekunda Branch
  • Serrekunda Market Branch
  • Bakoteh Branch
  • Kololi Branch
  • Bakau Branch
  • Bundung Branch
  • Latrikunda Branch
  • Brikama Branch
  • Sinchu Branch

Online Banking
Trust Bank has over the years introduced unique and highly targeted products and services to cater for the varied needs of our customers. These one such product is the Trust Bank’s Online banking service introduced in 2005.

Since then our customers had shown a great deal of appreciation of the service in terms of its wide ranging appeal. We at Trust Bank have always been proud of our commitment to continuously improve all the products we offer. This is the reason why we periodically upgraded our products by adapting them to the changing environment.

We are particularly delighted to have introduced in 2011 an updated and more user friendly version of the Trust Bank Online Banking which gives you unfettered access anytime anywhere in the world.
With the Online banking you can benefit from the following facilities:
  • It can provide up to date account balances and indicate all account activities.
  • Transfer funds within your accounts i.e. if you have more than one account.
  • Transfer funds from your TBL account to another TBL account holder.
  • Print your account statement on a PDF format.
  • It can provide the option to stop cheque.
  • You can apply for fixed deposit online.
  • You can request for credit top up with any GSM operator.
  • For the cooperate account holders, you can upload salary and authorize the bank to pay your staff.
SMS Banking
Trust bank Ltd welcomes you to our SMS BANKING Service which is a simple and easy to use system that offers round the clock stress- free service to our esteemed customers.
To get information from your account no longer requires a phone call, queues or writing a letter; simply send an SMS to get access to any information of your choice.
Why SMS Banking?
  • The SMS banking service is available to the customers all round the clock.
  • It is simple and convenient to use anytime anywhere.
  • It is cheap and affordable and only requires an ordinary mobile phone.
  • The SMS banking is built in latest technologies.
  • Services are secured by use of a unique 4 digit pin.
  • The system offers a wide range of banking services.
What can I do with SMS Banking ?
The system offers a number of services as listed below:
  • Balance Enquiry : This will give you both the latest Ledger and the available balances on your account.
  • Pin change : This will enable you to change the pin to a new one.
  • Mobile Airtime Top up : You no longer need to rush for scratch cards. Just top up your phone anywhere for any amount.
  • Cheque book request : This option will enable you to request for trust bank cheque book and pick it at your convenient time.
  • Account Statement request : This option will enable you to request for your account statement anytime and just pick it from your branch.
  • Exchange rates : This gives you the latest currency exchange rates for the five major currencies.
  • Mini statement : This option returns the latest 5 transactions from your account.
  • Account Funds transfer : This option enables you to transfer cash from one account to the other. This is between your accounts.
  • Stop cheque payment : This option allows you to instruct the bank to stop the payment of a given cheque(s) in case you do not want them to be paid.
How do I request for the services ?
  • Create a new message on your phone.
  • Type your request as per the format given on the user guide.
  • Send your request to the following mobile phone numbers 9799909,7999909,3399909 or 6999909.
  • Once the message is sent from your phone, then the response will be in about 30 seconds.
Loans and Advances
If you need to cover an unexpected expense or to make a major purchase or investment, we have a range of options for borrowing.


Since its inception, Trust Bank Ltd has been financing businesses and individuals needs. Repayment is by fixed installment over an agreed period of time. We offer highly competitive interest rates and also offer mortgage finance through our sister company, Home Finance Corporation.


Additional flexibility whenever you need it. We Provide funds to customers on the basis of their receivables. Time period not exceeding twelve months. Overdraft allows flexibility in repayment and interest charges are only on the amount overdrawn.

Other Services

Other services include cheque discounting, Bankers’ Indemnity, Bank Guarantees etc.
  • Cheque Discounting
    This is reducing the face value of a cheque by a percentage to effect immediate payment e.g. on post dated cheques.

    1. Prevailing lending rate.
    2. Charges depend on the period of maturity and amount.
    3. 1.5% arrangement fee.
  • Banker's Indemnity
    A promise to a third party that the bank will reimburse or pay for goods or services supplied to the third party. This serves to protect the third party against financial loss.

    1. 1% of the Invoice Value (minimum D750.00).
    2. Provision of letter of indemnity allows the purchaser to take immediate delivery of goods, thus saving time, storage expenses and insurance costs.
  • Bank Guarantees
    The underwriting of a potential liability in favour of a third party where the bank undertakes to pay the third party should our customer fail to fulfill their obligation. They include Bid Bonds, Advance Payment Bonds, Performance Bonds and Retention Bonds.

    1. Issuing charge 1.5% .
    2. Commission 0.5% per quarter.
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