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Bill Payments/Cash Power Sales
Trust bank electronic bill payment is the first of its kind in the Gambia. It is one product that makes it possible for customers of Trust Bank and non customers alike to make payments of their utility bills, telephone bills, school fees and many more.

Customer comes to the bank with a bill of an organization or institution to which the customer is paying to, the information is narrated by the teller and the information is relayed real time to the institution or school the customer is paying to. At the end of the transaction, the system generates a receipt for the customer.

The cash power sales is the newest product with which any nawec customer can walk in to Trust Bank Gambia and purchase cash power as done at all nawec outlets in a convenient  and a friendly environment.

Partner Institutions
  • Nawec
  • Gamtel
  • University of The Gambia
  • WAIS
  • GTTI
  • and many more
  • Pay bills.
  • Instant receipt.
  • Payment received instantly by utility company or school.
  • Saves time.
  • Easy to track payment.
  • Buy cash power voucher at the nearest branch at your own convenient.
*Terms and conditions apply
Trust Alerts
The Trust Alerts is a product that is designed to give you instant notification on all account transactions. With the trust alerts you are the first to know what is happening in your account 24/7. The alerts notify you via E-mail or SMS of any transaction that takes place in your account.

Trust Alerts give you:
  • More control: Your alerts can be received either via SMS or Email depending on the one that is most important to you.
  • Added peace of mind: receive information immediately when account activity occurs.
  • Monitor the movements on your account.
  • Receive account statement on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly bases. Your choice.
  • The alerts keep you updated.
  • A useful security device in the unlikely circumstances that someone uses your account or any of your subscribed IT-based products which are the SMS Banking, Online Banking¬† and the ATM.
  • Keeping track of issued cheques and unexpected payments.
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