Compliance Policy

Trust Bank Limited is committed to ensuring that the activities of the institution and its staff are conducted in accordance with relevant regulations, policies, procedures, organization standards and codes of conduct, adopted by the Bank, and the highest ethical standards relative to compliance rules and standards.
The Compliance Department is an independent function within the Bank with the objective to:

  • Embed compliance with laws regulations, business principles and practices, and rules of conduct in every aspect of its operations.
  • Establish and maintain effective compliance risk management and control systems, including monitoring and reporting within the Bank and to relevant authorities
  • Provide timely advice to the Management on relevant changes in the compliance environment

Compliance is an outcome of the Bank meeting its obligations and is made sustainable when embedded in the culture of the organization and in the behavior of people working for it.

At Trust Bank Limited, the Board promotes a culture of integrity and compliance.

The responsibilities for compliance aim at minimizing the risk of financial loss, or loss of reputation that the Bank may suffer as a result of its failure to comply with compliance rules and standards (“compliance risk”).

The Staff of Compliance plays an essential part in enforcing compliance by requiring members of staff to maintain the highest standards of conduct both within and outside the Bank. This obligation brings with it a responsibility on the part of all staff to act honestly and with integrity, and to observe the letter and spirit of all internal rules, policies, procedures and ethical standards relevant to their activities. The scope and content of this responsibility are described in particular in the Service Rules, Head Office Circulars, and related policies and procedures.