Mr. Sisay joined the bank in September 2005 as a branch supervisor at our Banjul branch. At Banjul branch he was responsible for supervision of the cashiers and the staff at the back office. He joined Trust Bank Limited when the Bank was implementing its new core banking application (flexcube 6.0) and became a member of the core team that successfully completed the implementation of the banking application. His responsibilities during the implementation were to serve as a liaison between the banking operations team and the technical team hired to assist with the implementation, and to train the banking operations team – cashiers, back-office staff and branch managers – on various modules of the new core banking application.

In August 2006, Mr. Sisay was moved to the Bank’s Credit Administration Department where he served as the Bank’s liaison in all matters of credit administration, assisted in the preparation of weekly and monthly schedules and reports for the Central Bank, and maintained appropriate credit controls to ensure compliance with the Bank’s credit policy. During his stint at the Credit Administration Department, Sisay was also selected as a member of the Bank’s IT steering committee which was responsible for addressing IT issues and supervision of the introduction of the Bank’s IT based products. 

Between October 2007 to July 2011, Mr. Sisay was the Branch Manager at our Banjul Branch and was responsible for the general supervision and profitable operations of the Branch. During this period, Sisay was also responsible for regular training of all banking operations employees – cashiers, back office staff and branch managers – in areas related to banking operations and on functional areas (modules) of our core banking application.

Mr. Sisay was promoted as Head of Branches in July 2011, a position he held up to June 2016. As Head of Branches, he was responsible for general supervision of all Trust Bank Branches and agencies (20 branches) to ensure efficient, effective and profitable banking operations. He was responsible for ensuring that all Branches comply with the Bank’s operational procedures.

In July 2016, Mr. Sisay was tasked with the responsibility of consolidating the management of our local currency (which was under the purview of our Finance Department) and the management of our Foreign operations (which was under the purview of our Foreign Operations Department), under a new Treasury Department. As Head of Treasury from July 2016 to date, he is responsible for liquidity management at the Bank, supervision of our FX trading, management of our money market investment portfolio, and the processing of trade services among a host of other functions.

Mr. Sisay holds an Associate Degree in Business Administration, a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, a Masters Degree in Accounting and Financial Management and a Masters Degree in Information Systems Management.