Fraud Protection

At Trust Bank we take your banking security seriously, and we are doing everything we can to keep your money and information safe. You can also help to protect yourself by knowing what to look out for and staying alert when it comes to potential fraud.

Fraudsters frequently use tactics such as fake phone calls, texts and emails to obtain your information, perhaps claiming to represent Trust Bank. To maintain your personal and financial security, be sure to be on your guard for:

Fake phone calls

A telephone call from someone claiming to represent Trust Bank, intended to:
  • Persuade you into sending your money to another account

  • Handing over cash

  • Requesting your online banking detsils

  • Requesting your confidential personal detail

Suspicious emails

These are emails which look like they are from Trust Bank, designed to trick you into providing personal and financial information.

Suspicious text messages

A text message which looks like it is from Trust Bank designed to trick you into providing personal and financial information by calling a number or clicking a link.


  • Be wary of unsolicited request for your personal information such as usernames, passwords or bank details.

  • If a phone call looks suspicious, don’t be afraid to hang up and call us on 4225291 or 4225777/8/9.

  • If an email looks suspicious, do not click on links or download documents.

  • If you receive a suspicious text message claiming to be from us, call us on the numbers given to check before acting on it.

Trust Bank will never call you to request your online banking details, reset your PIN, withdraw or transfer money.