International Banking

Trade Finance

Our expertise and experience on international banking is both legendary and envy of the market. Our helpful staff here has a strong understanding of both the local and international markets. The following are just some of the services we offer:

Funds transfer to destinations worldwide.

The purchase and sale of foreign currency notes, and foreign bank drafts.

Foreign currency shipment.

Issue and process Documentary Credit and Collections.

Foreign Currency Purchase & Sale

We offer very attractive rates on purchase and sale of foreign currencies

Purchasing Drafts

We offer bank drafts for payment of registration and annual subscription fees to professional and examination bodies like ACCA, CIMA, ICM, CAT etc.

Currency Notes Shipments

We ship all convertible currency notes for settlements of trade transactions through bank accounts around the world at very competitive rates and value dates.

Documentary Letters of Credit

This is where banks play a pivotal role in facilitating international trade. It gives the seller/exporter the peace of mind that payment is guaranteed. At the same time, it gives the purchaser/importer the assurance that the delivery of their goods is secured. On the inward documentary letter of credit, we ensure timely advice to the beneficiary and process or forward the shipping documents for the applicant’s bank making sure that the terms and conditions are complied with. To access this service you need to provide a proforma invoice indicating all the terms and conditions of the trade transaction.

Documentary Collections

This is an order by the seller to his bank to collect a certain sum of money from the buyer against the delivery of shipping documents. We process both inward and outwards collection ensuring timely receipt and dispatch and at the same time ensuring that terms and conditions of the collection are complied with.


We process both inward and outward transfers to all banks around the world.