The ACP/ACH (AUTOMATED CHEQUE PROCESSING/AUTOMATED CLEARING HOUSE), is a new payment system under the E-banking Unit of Trust Bank limited which handles all other Bank transactions.

The ACH/ACPH system is used for faster processing of cheques and Direct Credit transactions. It involves sending an electronic image of the cheque together with its Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) data, and other relevant fields like date of presentation, presenting bank’s name, etc.


The scanning of other bank cheques has eliminated the need for physical transfer of cheques across Banks. It has quickened banking transactions and the use of cash has been reduced in banking and has strengthening confidence in Banking.

Other bank cheques can be presented in all of our 18 branches country wide and all cheques are limited to the threshold of D 100,000.00 (One Hundred Thousand Dalasis).

Cheques presented through this system MUST have BBAN (BENEFICIARY BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER) which can be generated from all our branches. This BBAN consists of your account number with other security numeric numbers which sum up to 18 digits.

NOTE: Presentation of other bank cheques deposited into your Trust Bank Accounts are a “DAY + 1” for settlements of credits in your account.

Direct Credits

This is a simple, secure and reliable way to make and receive payments by electronic transfer directly on the ACH/ACPH platform from your trust bank account into a beneficiary account at any other bank.

Most organisations prefer this method of payment (Direct Credit) since it is mainly known for wages and salary payments; it can also be used for a wide range to pensioners, settlements, employee expenses, insurance settlements, dividends and refunds etc.

All Direct Credits transactions are instantly validated and credited into the beneficiary’s account at the other bank.

BBAN (BENEFICIARY BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER) is also a must requirement for all Direct Credit transactions and the threshold is also D100, 000.00.