Trust Bank Automated Teller Machine (ATM) is an electronic banking outlet, which allows customers to complete basic transactions without the aid of a branch representative or teller. TBL customers with ATM cards can access funds 24 hours nationwide at every Trust Bank ATM’s locations. Our ATM cards are secured and EMV chip compliance.

How to apply?

Simply complete the ATM Application Form and submit it to the nearest branch. NOTE: Collection of cards and pins are available for now in the following key locations, Banjul Branch, Westfield Branch, Kololi Branch, Brikam Branch, Latrikunda Brusubi and Bakau branches.


  • Cash Withdrawal

  • Print Mini Statement

  • Balance Enquiry

  • Change Pin

ATM's Fees

ATM Card is issued for just D200 and a charge of D5 Per withdrawal.

Benefits of ATM Card service to the customer:

  • Enjoy 24 hours access to your cash with our ATM

  • View your last 5 transactions

  • Make Balance Enquiry.

  • Print Mini Statement.

  • Option To change your PIN.

ATM Locations

  • Bakau Branch
  • Bakoteh Branch
  • Banjul Branch
  • Barra Branch
  • Brikama Branch
  • Brusubi Branch
  • Bundung Branch
  • Kololi Branch
  • Lamin Branch
  • Latrikunda Branch
  • Management Development Institute (MDI)
  • Serrekunda Westfield Branch
  • Serrekunda Market Branch
  • Sinchu Branch
  • Serrekunda Sahokunda
  • Kairaba Avenue (Kairaba Police Station)
  • Ocean Bay Hotel