Loans & Advances

If you need to cover an unexpected expense or to make a major purchase or investment, we have a range of options for borrowing.


Since its inception, Trust Bank Ltd has been financing businesses and individuals needs. Repayment is by fixed installment over an agreed period of time. We offer highly competitive interest rates and also offer mortgage finance through our sister company, Home Finance Company Ltd.


Additional flexibility whenever you need it. We Provide funds to customers on the basis of their receivables for a time period not exceeding twelve months. Overdraft allows flexibility in repayment and interest charges are only on the amount overdrawn.


  • TIN Certificate

  • Purpose of the facility

  • Cash flow projections to cover the proposed repayment period

  • Management profile

  • Company profile

  • Audited Financial Statements

  • Market information indicating main suppliers, client product lines and competitors

  • Collateral