Mobile Banking

Trust Bank Ltd welcomes you to our MOBILE BANKING Service which is a simple and easy to use, system that offers round the clock stress- free service to our esteemed customers.

To get information from your account no longer requires a phone call, queues, or writing a letter, simply use our state-of-the-art mobile banking service to get access to any information of your choice.

Why Mobile Banking?

  • On-Demand

    The Mobile banking service is available to the customers all round the clock.

  • Easy Of Use

    It is simple and convenient to use anytime anywhere.

  • Cheap

    It is cheap and affordable, convenient, and accessible. It only requires a smartphone (Android and IOS). 

  • Latest Tech

    The Mobile banking is built in latest technologies.

  • Secure

    Services are secured by use of a unique 4 digit pin.

  • Services

    The system offers a wide range of banking services

  • Foreign

    Daily updates on  foreign rates.

  • Top up

    Purchase of credit top up with any GSM operator. (Gamcel, Africel, Comium, and Qcell)

  • Request

    Apply for BBAN, ATM Card, Cheque book, Salary advance, etc without walking to the bank premises.

What can I do with Mobile Banking?

The system offers a number of services as listed below:
  • Balance Enquiry

    This will give you both the latest Ledger and the available balances on your account.

  • Account Funds transfers

    You can use this option for Internal and External Transfers to transfer funds between your accounts held in your Bank and transfer externally to accounts held with other Banks. You can also use the service to transfer funds to deposit accounts owned by other people (third party bank accounts)

  • Mini statement

    This option returns the last 15 transactions from your account.

  • Account Statement request

    This option will enable you to request for your account statement anytime and just pick it from your branch.

  • Cheque book request

    This option will enable you to request for trust bank cheque book and pick it at your convenient time.

  • Stop cheque payment

    This option allows you to instruct the bank to stop the payment of a given cheque(s) in case you do not want them to be paid.

  • ATM Card request

    Request for ATM Card.

  • Cash Power

    Buy Cash Power from the comfort of your home available 24hrs

  • Pay Your Bills

    Pay your NAWEC bills from your home without long queues.

  • BBAN

    BBAN of account Number for Interbank transfers.

  • Exchange rates

    This gives you the latest currency exchange rates for the five major currencies.

  • Salary Advance

  • Pin change

    This will enable you to change the pin to a new one.

  • Mobile Airtime Top up

    You no longer need to rush for scratch cards. Just top up your phone anywhere for any amount.

How do I request for the Mobile banking services?

Download the app from your mobile play store ie Android or iOS. You can also do self-registration through the app if you have an ATM card or simply complete a form from any of our branches.