Online Banking

Trust Bank online Banking system allows individuals to execute financial transitions at home, via the internet. .Our online banking platform offers customers just about every service traditionally available through a local branch, including transfers of funds, cheque request, and online bill payment.

TBL online banking give update information periodically on our products by adapting them to the changing environment and social activities of the bank.


With the Online banking you can benefit from the following facilities
  • Fast

    Fast and efficient to get funds transfer from one account to another country wide.

  • On-Demand

    The service is available 24/7 anytime,anywhere.

  • Monitoring

    With the online banking you can monitor your transactions and balances.

  • Statements

    Printing of statement at all times.

  • Bills

    Settlements of bills.

  • Advances & Overdrafts

    Request for salary advance/overdraft.

  • Foreign

    Daily updates on  foreign rates.

  • Top up

    Purchase of credit top up with any GSM operator.

  • Request

    Apply loan, ATM card, cheque book, etc without walking to the bank premises.