Real Time Gross Settlement

Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) system basically, is a system for large-value interbank funds transfers. This new payment mechanism move huge funds from one bank to another within a short period electronically country wide. RTGS we can also elaborate further that it is a one-to-one settlement of transaction between parties within banks in which each party makes a separate payment on each transaction. The settlement is immediate and final.
RTGS implementation is driven to initiates and to reduce systemic risk in high–value payments


  • RTSG payments give instant validation of settlements of funds.

  • Trust Bank cheques above the threshold of D100, 000.00 presented in other banks can only be process thru RTSG platform.

  • Trust Bank has personalized RTSG forms and these forms are now accessible in all branches.

  • It is a very fast and reliable and secure way to remit funds country wide.

  • RTGS inflows from other bank are credited instantly into your account.

To Use the facility Customer needs to Fill the TBL funds Transfer Form/ or a written instruction to the bank.

Mandatory points for RTGS transfer

  • Beneficiary bank name

  • Amount to be remitted

  • Beneficiary account number or BBan