Student Current Account

This product is ideal for Students pursuing higher education in tertiary educational institutions and who are earning regular income in the form of stipends.


  • COT free account

  • SMS Banking

  • Online Banking

  • Trust Alert

  • ATM cards (costing D100.00)

Day to day digital tools to help you manage your money on the go
  • Balance Enquiry

  • Mini Statement

  • Funds Tranfers

  • Forex Inquiry

  • Top Up

  • Services

  • BBAN Inquiry

  • Help


  • You must be aged 18 or over

  • You must be completing a full-time course in one of the tertiary educations in the Gambia.

  • You must be earning a regular income in the form of either stipend or part salary (which must be evidenced in writing from your employer).

  • You will need to prove your student status.

  • You will not be eligible for any form of credit facility until such time that your account is upgraded to a salary account.

  • The Bank's Terms and Conditions for Current Accounts will then apply and any benefits, discounts or special offers that you may have previously been entitled to as a Student Current Account holder will no longer apply.

  • We will advise you within two months prior to upgrading your Student Current Account to a personal Current Account.