Student Savings Account

This is a type of account that is meant for children below 18 years of age. It is an interest bearing account which pays a variable percentage rate of interest on balances of D3,000.00 and above. The minimum opening balance is D300.00

However, there are limits to number of withdrawals to encourage parents and guardians to save more for the child’s educational expenses.


  • Saving Passbook.

  • Interest is calculated monthly and paid half yearly (June and December).

  • Serves as a long term investment for children

  • SMS Banking

  • Online Banking

  • Trust Alert


To open an account please bring along the following:
  • One (1) recent passport size photograph.

  • Copy of valid photo I.D (Biometric ID. Card / current Passport / Biometric Driver’s license).

  • Reference letter from TBL Customer / Employer.

  • Copy of proof of address (Utility bill from Nawec / Gamtel, statement from village Chief / Alkalo (etc.).

  • Copy of trust deed. (Where applicable)

  • Valid ID of each trustee.

  • Residence / Work permit for foreigner working in The Gambia.

  • Letters of Probate / Administration. (Where applicable)

  • Copy of TIN. Certificate.


  • Original Documents must be sighted
  • An ID card, passport or birth certificate.
  • A Trustee is required if student is below 18yrs.